Reflections of a Dom #1: Reconnecting through Togetherness [Thoughts]

For the past week, my Kitten and I have been apart from each other. (You can read up on her reflections about it in her blog here: Kitten’s blog) A whirlwind of days passed by and I experienced a roller coaster of emotions while she was away. Over the next several days, I want to dissect each and every one of them and how it has helped me grow and shape me as a Dom and my relationship with my Kitten. But for right now, she’s here with me, in my arms, and I am holding her hands – “Togetherness”

I want to focus on today and what I am feeling, but more specifically, my feelings with her.

I knew we needed time just be together and be a couple again but she has once again surpassed any and all expectations I have. She really is the most supportive and loving Kitten I could ever know. Knowing how much we’ve missed each other, I was afraid that the time spent apart would make feel a bit awkward or even off between us. But like two Lego pieces coming together, we just clicked perfectly as if no time was lost.

This afternoon, we knew that our dear car, a 2012 gray Toyota Corolla (which we have lovingly called “Betty” due to her being so reliable and such a trooper over the years) is in desperate need of a wash. I smiled knowing that the best way to reconnect with my Kitten is to fall right back in to how we were – being together all the time doing the simplest things. We looked at each other after eating our yummy lunch, (Kitten prepared an amazing tofu stir fry with rice!) gathered all our cleaning supplies and off we went to wash Betty.

car wash.jpg

Kitten squealed with glee as she held the spout and hosed down our car. The lovely farm which we live in was sporting strong winds at this time. While it kept us cool under the brightness of the noon sun, the same winds made keeping a steady stream of water tricky and sent numerous drops of water flying every which way splashing me and kiddo! Grinning, I walked over and grabbed Kitten’s hands and wrestled the spout playfully with her sending water all over us and drenching us completely. We laughed until we nearly cried hugging each other and at that moment, I felt it. Our connection had never been stronger. I kissed her tenderly sopping wet, with not a care in the world. My Kitten is the one my heart belongs to, my home.

I pressed my cheek next to hers and pointed to the side of the car that the water sprayed over. The spray created a beautiful optical illusion bursting into different colors. She babbled in my ear “Rainbow…” grinning. I whispered softly to her “Yes Kitten, it’s a sign welcoming you home”. She burst into loving giggles and kissed my cheek, and in that moment, I knew that she was so happy and basking in my love.

Finally somehow, we were able to finish washing the car and happily went back into our tiny home. I knew I had to write here and share this wonderful experience. It doesn’t take a grand gesture, not that they don’t work,  to reconnect with someone. I have learned in the seven wonderful years I’ve spent with my Kitten that the best way is to practice Togetherness in everything you do. Yes, even the most mundane task, like cleaning your car can be used as a way to deepen your bond. I know every time we do things together, my D/s relationship with Kitten gets stronger.

That’s all for now, dear friends, I will see you all soon. Have a wonderful day and fair winds to you all!


Much Love,

Captain Taliron Quinn







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