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Otaku Puzzle [Games & Grub #2]

Ahoy everyone! It is definitely the fall in our household. With kiddo and Little Kitten sick with cold and congestion, I’ve had little time to dive into my scheduled review for the past two days. Thankfully, getting them settled in under warm covers and slathered with Vicks has helped them doze peacefully for a well needed nap.

I suppose it is a blessing in disguise that this next review I am doing is about game on the shorter side. Now, let’s dive in – tonight’s game is called:

Title:  Otaku Puzzle (available on Steam for $0.99)

Developer: Otaku Games

Publisher: Otaku Games

Booting up the game, you are greeted by a gallery of scrambled pictures of anime girls. I have to admit that given the name of the game, I definitely wasn’t surprised that the main objective is to be treated to scantily clad pictures of the anime girls. Note for those wondering the ultimate pay off for the puzzles – there’s no actual nudity involved. With no instructions (not that it’s really needed), I proceed to unscramble each picture sliding and swapping pictures on each tile until the main picture is assembled.

girl 1
“Please untangle my limbs, Senpai…”

All in all, the game has 12 levels featuring 12 different girls in various positions. Admittedly, I blinked at a couple at just the sheer impracticality and how uncomfortable the positions looked. If you brave the actual solving of the puzzle, or just pressing “F” for those impatient, you will be treated with the completed picture and awarded a Steam achievement (just because).

girl 3
Press “F” to save time. You’re welcome, Otakus -developer

For someone with a bit of experience with puzzles like these, it took me about 30 minutes of game time to complete the whole title. Needless to say, re-playability and length were not the draw the developers were going for. With the myriad of cheap games in Steam, and a sizable library of free games that give way more game play than this one, I sadly cannot in good conscience recommend this game. Your time is probably better spent looking online for pictures if that is what you are after.

That’s all for this review right now and be sure to hit like and subscribe to keep track of more coming up. And be sure to check out Kitten’s blog to keep up on her projects! Have a wonderful day and fair winds to you all!

My Rating:  2 / 5 Gamer taters – Poor


Games and Grub

Kawaii Rainbow Portal?! [Games & Grub #1]

Games and Grub

Ahoy my friends! I am so excited to share with you a new collaboration series that I am working on with my little Kitten! Kitten and I have always been huge gamers. Gaming holds a special place in our hearts because it played a pivotal part in how we met all those years ago (that’s a story for another day! *winks*).  Suffice to say, I was mega-excited when she told me she wanted to do a collaboration series to showcase TWO of our favorite passions, games AND good food! And thus, our new series was born for the entire month of October – GAMES AND GRUB!

In this collaboration series, Kitten will be writing about the Grub side of things as we tinker around in the kitchen, cooking, tasting and canoodling together as we prepare good food and share the recipe with you all! Meanwhile, I will be posting about the games that Kitten has specifically chosen for me to review. I had no idea coming in what games she has chosen for me, all I know is that I have not tried these games before! So I will be diving in as a fresh player to these games and be giving you my honest review.

And so, without further ado….our first game is:

Title: Kawaii Rainbow Portal (available here on Steam)

Developer: CSM

Publisher: W.T.B.

kawaii rainbow
Yes, that’s the actual game logo. MOAR COLOR!

This game upon loading up quickly struck me at how colorful it was. From the game logo, to the retro game start menu – I knew Kitten had something fun and silly in store for me when she chose this.

It features a cute little blob, who I have lovingly dubbed “Benny”, just because. Benny is a wannabe super hero who has the power of defying gravity, but can only go up and not sideways at all. Now it is up to you as the player to help Benny achieve his life long dream – to reach space. Seems easy enough right? Don’t be fooled by the cutesy graphics, because in order for Benny to succeed, he has to skillfully navigate through progressively harder rainbow colored portals. The caveat? Benny can only safely pass a portal if it matches the current color he is. Otherwise, the brightly colored portal will happily shred him to pieces if he so much as grazes the wrong color!

Kawaii Rainbow Portal 10_1_2019 5_53_04 PM
Awww, cute rainbow portals! (Taken seconds before disaster)

This game is very simple to play, click the mouse and your little blob bounces up. Factor in gravity, and you’ll have to keep clicking to keep him going higher. But you have to time it right, click to early and you’ll be sending poor Benny to an untimely death if you touch the wrong color. It’s the type of game that is easy to pick up and learn but is tricky and takes a while to master. I found myself crying out in excitement, shock and triumph as I tried, and re-tried in order to achieve a higher score. The best part is seeing Kitten grinning as I kept trying to push to get a better highscore!

R.I.P Benny, you will be missed….until the next try! 😀

The game is currently $0.99 on Steam so it’s a low investment to get into. It has a huge potential to provide hours of enjoyment. Give it a try and feel free to post your high scores in the comment section! That’s it for me today, friends. Please make sure to check out Kitten’s post about tonight’s dish. Make sure you hit that like button and subscribe if you are new to our blogs. Have a good day, and fair winds to you all!

My Rating:  4 / 5 Gamer taters – Great!