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My brief stint as “Mr.Mom” [Captain’s Log]

Ahoy everyone! I hope the winds are behind your back this morning. I wanted to share with you an experience that I had just very recently had. As I had alluded to in my previous post, there was a week that Kitten and I were apart (see her account of the experience HERE). Now that means one thing, with the first mate(a.k.a. Mrs.Quinn, a.k.a. Kitten) away – that means yours truly has to full time  look after our little guppy  – Kiddo.

Seems easy enough right? I mean, she’s pretty well behaved and self-sufficient to the point that she has no problem grabbing snacks or food that we’ve prepared when she’s hungry. “Great, no problem, Kitten. We got this” so says one naive Captain to her Kitten. Little did I know, I was about to realize just how much Kitten really does to stems the tide from Kiddo.


So begins several days of me experiencing everything that Kitten goes through each day. We woke up the usual time, about 6am or so. Except this time, instead of seeing Kitten’s face right up to mine and then making out as the roosters crowed…I see a sleepy little face hovering by the side of the bed. “Daddy, what’s for brekkie?” I smile and pat her on the head thinking Breakfast? Easy…I can do this. “I got it” I said as I stumble out of bed quite groggy but determined.

As I set some eggs on the counter and a pot filled with water, I stare out into the window of the kitchen thinking of Kitten and how she was doing. I grab my phone and begin to text her Good Morning and How did you sleep? Just to let her know I was thinking of her. I really didn’t sleep well the previous night. When you spend years upon years just having your loved one right there in the same bed or even in the same room, your body gets used to the company. And when you yank that away, sleep goes with it. But I was determined still to make this work for her.

After sending the text, I turn my attention back to the task at hand. Cooking, simple enough right? My mind begins to wonder and think This water is taking a long time to boil and so I look down in confusion, and sure enough realized that I never turned the eye on. I swear, my cocoa brown skin turned a couple of shades redder as I turned my body, shielding the stove from view of my curios Kiddo who had her eyes fixed on me. I then stir up conversation to distract her from my faux pas as I discreetly try to rectify the situation. “So, how are you today?” I ask way more cheerfully than I expected.

Kiddo smiled at me, as if she knew what I was up to all along. “I’m good Daddy” she said before pulling out one of her favorite books – the Guinness World Book of Records and Book of Facts. For some reason, Kiddo LOVES lists and reading about outstanding feats and random facts. I know for sure she gets that from her mom. I smile and think that I got away with the cooking faux pas, and focus on cooking again. I start the delicate process of making sure everything comes out good and about the same time. I cracked eggs into the pot, and set two pieces of toast into the toaster. Unfortunately,  I cracked one of the eggs into the water a little too hard and a piece of the shell went flying straight into the water like an Olympic diver trying to win the gold medal. My eye twitched and I could have sworn that the world slowed down Matrix-style.

I look around to grab something, anything to fish out the shell due to my desire not to serve crunchy-style poached egg to my daughter. The closest thing I found was a pair of chopsticks. Let me repeat that, chopsticks, ie. two thin pieces of wood designed to pick up food delicately, while requiring skill and precision. I’m pretty sure no where in the chopsticks’ packaging did it say it was recommended to be used to pull out minuscule pieces of calcium carbonate crystals out of 212°F boiling water.

Now at this point, let me remind you what I had mentioned before about Kiddo’s favorite book that she had pulled out. And just like that, as if someone decided to just make it a bit more difficult for me:  Kiddo started rapid fire asking me questions and facts.

“Daddy did you know that the largest mammal recorded to date is a blue whale?” one

“Did you know that it is possible to hypnotize a frog by placing it on its back and gently stroking its stomach.” two

“Russian peasants place frogs in milk to keep the milk fresh” three



“Uhuh, that’s really nice honey!” I say as I try to desperately grab the errant shell who was proving to be a worthy adversary. Not to mention, the toast was ready and needed  to be buttered before it turned cold in the chilly morning. I did my best to do the multitasking parent dance of engaging her while getting food ready. All the while, questions and facts four, five and six came out.

Finally, by some miracle, I get food ready and we are munching away on eggs and toast. I sit down and smile at Kiddo. As she ate happily, I thought to myself  Maybe I can get some work done now. No sooner that I had powered up the computer that I hear “All done!” and thus came another round. It was non-stop chatter throughout the day. It took tremendous effort to get anything done with all the interruptions.

It took us a while but Kiddo and I finally found our rapport and she even stepped up and helped me in the process of us moving in to our new place so that mommy would not be so stressed. I’m so lucky to have such a good kid.


By the end of the day, right before we were scheduled to pick up Kitten, I was convinced. I was convinced that I married Supergirl, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman all in one. I have a new found respect for her because it really takes a village to raise kids, I help out when I can but she picks up the slack when I work for 8 hours in the office. When I finally saw my Kitten, I just walked up to her and hugged her tightly for what felt like forever and gave her a deep well deserved kiss. I told her how much I respect and love her. I told her I appreciate everything  she does for the family and let her know that I know it is no small feat to do what she does. And finally, that she really deserves the mantle of being the best mom ever.

That’s all for now, dear friends, I will see you all soon. Have a wonderful day and fair winds to you all!

Much Love,

Captain Taliron Quinn