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Otaku Puzzle [Games & Grub #2]

Ahoy everyone! It is definitely the fall in our household. With kiddo and Little Kitten sick with cold and congestion, I’ve had little time to dive into my scheduled review for the past two days. Thankfully, getting them settled in under warm covers and slathered with Vicks has helped them doze peacefully for a well needed nap.

I suppose it is a blessing in disguise that this next review I am doing is about game on the shorter side. Now, let’s dive in – tonight’s game is called:

Title:  Otaku Puzzle (available on Steam for $0.99)

Developer: Otaku Games

Publisher: Otaku Games

Booting up the game, you are greeted by a gallery of scrambled pictures of anime girls. I have to admit that given the name of the game, I definitely wasn’t surprised that the main objective is to be treated to scantily clad pictures of the anime girls. Note for those wondering the ultimate pay off for the puzzles – there’s no actual nudity involved. With no instructions (not that it’s really needed), I proceed to unscramble each picture sliding and swapping pictures on each tile until the main picture is assembled.

girl 1
“Please untangle my limbs, Senpai…”

All in all, the game has 12 levels featuring 12 different girls in various positions. Admittedly, I blinked at a couple at just the sheer impracticality and how uncomfortable the positions looked. If you brave the actual solving of the puzzle, or just pressing “F” for those impatient, you will be treated with the completed picture and awarded a Steam achievement (just because).

girl 3
Press “F” to save time. You’re welcome, Otakus -developer

For someone with a bit of experience with puzzles like these, it took me about 30 minutes of game time to complete the whole title. Needless to say, re-playability and length were not the draw the developers were going for. With the myriad of cheap games in Steam, and a sizable library of free games that give way more game play than this one, I sadly cannot in good conscience recommend this game. Your time is probably better spent looking online for pictures if that is what you are after.

That’s all for this review right now and be sure to hit like and subscribe to keep track of more coming up. And be sure to check out Kitten’s blog to keep up on her projects! Have a wonderful day and fair winds to you all!

My Rating:  2 / 5 Gamer taters – Poor



I am Captain Quinn [Introduction]

“The Captain? He’s tough but fair, commanding but gentle at the same time. He will just as likely to land in jail with you and move worlds to get you out…he’s a ride or die kind of friend.”- Minnie Zhang

Ahoy everyone!

My name is Captain Taliron Quinn, “Cappy” for short. I’ve just recently turned 35 years young and still going strong. I’ve created this blog to share with you my life, thoughts and feelings in this wonderful world we call life!

Here are some things about me that I would love for you all to know (just don’t tell my rival captains at sea! *winks*)

Daddy Sept 2019

Name: Taliron Quinn
Age: 35
Status: Married in mind, body, and soul to My Kitten – Penny Berry
Occupation: Information technology (but secretly hoping to get into full time sailing)
Passions: DDLG / BDSM / Sailing


In the coming days, I’m excited to share more in writing about myself and my life with my Kitten Kaboodle! So stay tuned and Fair Winds to you all, everyone!

Much love,
Capt. Taliron Quinn