Holiday Greetings to one and all!


Good morning friends,

I sit here today with my belly full from breakfast (rice and eggs), a tumbler full of iced water and full of Holiday thoughts. It’s been nice being home for a few days now. You see, this year was very special in terms of my work. The stars aligned and I am able to take just enough time off that would allow me to be home for two straight weeks. And so, I told myself that I would dedicate this time to spend time and really connect with Kitten.

It’s been quite a ride for us. Kitten had detailed her journey through SSRI withdrawal on herĀ blog here. She’s been such a trooper and I couldn’t be more proud than I am on how much she has grown and progressed in her mental health journey. There are a lot of days where we just both feel bushed between the holiday rush and operating under 100%. But we both look at each other and smile. We know that we have each other through everything and that’s what counts.

It’s not always talked about what everyone goes through when it comes to mental health. For some reason, it’s still taboo to talk about it at least here where we are as a nation. But, my opinion has always been – we don’t feel ashamed of a fever or having the flu, why should mental health be any different? So I am so glad that Kitten and I have such an open communication. I help her through her process and she helps me during the days when the sun just won’t come up.

On a happier note, it’s Christmas Eve finally! Kitten and I have been so excited since her

It’s Christmas Eve!!!

and I have been scheming to pull off a Christmas miracle for our kiddo. It always gets us giddy seeing her reaction to our hard work. This year is extra special since we would be spending Christmas as a full fledged D/s couple. I look over at her typing away, no doubt about her creative plans and I just smile. We’ve both grown leaps and bounds with our relationship and getting to where we are. I know that there’s still more to be done for me to be a better Daddy. And I’m super excited to go through the next year with Kitten by my side.

Lastly, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah and anything else you may be celebrating this wonderful season! Grab a loved one and give them a big hug and loving kiss. Because ’tis the season to be jolly! And as always, fair winds to you all!


Captain Quinn